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What We Do
Dr. Suresh Gupte Dr. Sanjay Gupte
Chairman of Sub committe

The national eclampsia registry was initiated from august 1st in 2008 with the purpose of quantifying the incidence of eclampsia, understanding the treatment practices and adopting standardization of care. It also will conduct eclampsia workshops all over the country with the intention of achieving uniform treatment practices.

The inspiration of the registry has been the UKROSS experience where in it was observed that there was a drastic reduction in the occurrence of these diseases by adopting standard practice protocols. We know that 15% of the Maternal Mortality is contributed by eclampsia which actually is a completely preventable disease.

Who can become the member: All members of FOGSI can enroll as reporters to the registry either on an individual basis or as a representative of the member society of the FOGSI or as a representative of a teaching institution. The reporters have to report even if there is no case of Eclampsia. In that situation the only monthly report can be sent.

How do you enroll in the registry: you need to send the case report and the monthly report forms duely filled on a regular basis. The case report form is a form which requests details of the individual case. The monthly report form is a monthly overview of the case of pregnancy hypertension. These forms will be made available on a request mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or and sms 9422000584. This can be sent by post to the address to Gupte Hospital, 904, off Bhandarkar Rd, Deccan Gymkhana 411004. It also can be filled online on www.fogsieclampsiaregistry.in. It is mandatory that once one enrolls these forms are sent regularly. Even if the reporter does not encounter any case of eclampsia in a particular month still he needs to fill the form to be able to understand the prevalence. The reporter can also choose the frequency of reporting with prior intimation.

The status now: Till date many members have started reporting to the registry. Some societies have enthusiastically appointed a member to take the responsibility of reporting these cases. some members are reporting on a regular basis. There are some who find reporting cumbersome due to excess workload, while some are just not able to due to lack of time. Many reporters have chosen the website as the means of reporting regularly. 637 eclampsia and 3219 PIH cases out of 41059 deliveries have been reported till date.

Data management: The data so collected is to be analyzed and is in process, this will be made available shortly. To be able to do without the paper reporting the registry is in the process of devising a web enabled reporting system. This will make it easy for every one to fill it online to do away with the paper forms and also will provide us with the analysis faster. The paper reporting will be kept on for people who find it difficult to access the mail.

Eclampsia newsletter is a quarterly to showcase the working of the registry and also to provide important information about eclampsia.

Eclampsia workshops are designed and ready. Those will be initialized from 2010 all over the country.

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