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Dr. Uday Thanawalla Dr. Uday Thanawalla
Chairman of Sub committe

Host an ICOG CME For your Society

Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is offering structured CMEs for FOGSI Societies to host. These full day (8 hrs) CMEs would focus on learning evidence based updates which can be applied in clinical practice making patient care optimal. ICOG has left the choice of topics wide, but insist on an interactive format so that the delegates get a clear and concise input of each subject.

Other topics to be finalised in consultation with the faculty members and can be distributed to other faculty members.

Number - ICOG hopes to conduct 16 CMEs in one year.

Finances - These will be a full day CME and the hosting Society would get an amount of Rs. 25,000/- from ICOG for the same.

For further inquiries and clarification please log on to www.icogonline.org

Two session of 1 hour each will be devoted to the studies initiated by ICOG. This session is meant to increase the scientific temper of the delegates - encouraging them to participate in these studies while giving them in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Two of the following topics have to be chosen by the Society for these sessions called - " Evidence Based Practice- Indian Context"

Topics - ( any 2 to be chosen)

  1. PCOS in adolescent
  2. GDM
  3. Contraception
  4. Menopause & onset of Metabolic Syndrome.

Depending on this, two of the theme core group ICOG members will be sent in as the faculty. One hour will be devoted to each topic.

Local faculty who are keen to be ICOG members and applied for the same will be encouraged to participate in the CME as faculty.

Data on Knowledge /Attitude /Practices will be collected from all delegates on the said themes. This will help us know the trends in various parts of the country.

ICOG CME 2009-2010

ICOG CME 2010-2011


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