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Vice Chairman's Message

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Dr. Parul Kotdawala, Vice Chairperson ICOG

Dear Colleagues in ICOG

It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to communicate with you as the vice-chairperson. As you are well aware, the ICOG is the academic wing of the FOGSI, and is a very active body. A real impetus is expected this year under the chairmanship of Mrs. Mandakini Megh, a powerhouse iconic lady. The ever smiling and suave Parag Biniwale is completing third year of hon. Secretary-ship of ICOG, and his experience shall be an asset. The outgoing team of Tushar Kar and Laxmi Shrikhande, and our chairman designate Uday Thanawala are also keenly involved in ICOG activities. I assure you of great academic activities and improved training programs form ICOG this year. We shall be focusing on certificate courses and developing GCPR (good Clinical Practice Recommendations) in addition to the regular activities of the ICOG. I seek your suggestions for a better working of the ICOG, and request you not to hesitate in sharing your feelings and comments.

Parul Kotdawala

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