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President's Message 2020

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Dr. Alpesh Gandhi....

President, FOGSI - 2020

It is a great honour for me to write a message here before you.

I believe that it is the need of the hour to work for the safety of both our patients as well as our beloved FOGSIANs. My vision this year is to go beyond textbook academics and to emphasize quality care for women’s health in every corner of the country. To have an entire calendar filled with activities all year round which can create a lasting impact.

Our theme for the year 2020: Safety first, for women and for FOGSIANS.

This year, I have made safety the utmost priority.

But safety for whom? The answer is- safety for all.

We believe, we are safe when our patients are safe. Our patients are safe when we are safe.

For our patients, the mothers all over our country, no matter where they live or what background they come from, who depend on us to make their experience of pregnancy a safe and joyous one. For our tiny little patients, the fetus and the neonates, who cannot tell us when they suffer, and count on us to understand their unspoken needs to bring them safely into the world.

Our society and country will be healthy and safe when its patients and health care takers are safe and healthy.

So my vision includes safety for us FOGSIANs- our members, postgraduates, staff and our families. Freedom from fear, stress and threats of violence- to do the jobs that we do best.

How will we go about achieving this goal?

This is my action plan for the year 2020—

  • Updating our knowledge
  • Enhancing our skills
  • Practicing protocols and GCPR
  • Observing Check lists
  • Improving Infrastructure- By promoting 100% Antenatal case booking at the earliest in 1st trimester for all pregnancies
  • Minimum 9 visits for Antenatal care throughout Pregnancy
  • Providing Quality and critical care- Upgrading LR, Obst HDU/ICU
  • Making Blood components available across India
  • Training our paramedical staff & Performing Drills regularly
  • Auditing (Self) of complications and mortality.

The Indian College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (ICOG) was established on 21st December 1984 as the Academic Wing of FOGSI at Durgapur on the occasion of the 28th All India Obstetric & Gynaecological Conference.

We started with 205 Founder Fellows. Over the years, a lot of stalwarts in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology have contributed immensely to the growth of ICOG.

Now we have nearly 2000 fellows and members. 240 New Members and Fellows will be conferred fellowship this year.

The main aim of establishing this society was to promote education, training, research and spread of knowledge in the field of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Reproductive health, Family Welfare and related areas.

So as a society what does the ICOG do?

ICOG has been proactively updating its members regarding the nuances in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

ICOG is conducting certification courses for Young Gynaecs & FOGSIANs who wish to enhance their skills in the fields of Reproductive medicine, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Foetal medicine, Vaginal surgery & Critical care in obstetrics.

It has published guidelines on various issues pertaining to women’s health care keeping in mind the Indian scenario

ICOG also organizes CMEs and Conference since last few years on pertaining important subjects.

ICOG has its own Credit Point System to the Accreditation Hours to link the requirement as per the recommendation by Medical Council of India/ State Medical Councils which will benefit our members.

These Credit Points earned will also be considered for upgradation of your Membership to Fellowship.

How can we take the ICOG forward and upward?

Let us think courageously
Let us think for quality
Let us think beyond the boundaries
Let us think kind and broad

Quality-- To pass on uniform and standard message in our certificate courses, to bring more uniformity in assessment of the centres and examination system, to start more certificate courses for women’s health care, to add those centres which do not join for the training or left to give training,

Lets do some brainstorming on how to promote ICOG’s research, studies and data collection? How to prepare and publish more GCPR?

Let us work collaboratively with the medical colleges in India. Let us try to make our certificate courses popular and used more in public hospitals, medical colleges & universities. Let us see how our credit points can be recognized and demanded more by other organizations and universities. Let us start to honour and felicitate our HODs and senior professors who have great academic and social contributions for women’s health care in India.

Let us think beyond the boundaries of FOGSI. How can we have more fellows? How can our certificate courses reach and become more popular to more and more gynaecologists? How can our credit points are recognized by state medical councils and NMC/MCI? How can ICOG  courses and credit points utilised more by ISAR, IFS, IMA, IAGE, IMS, ISOPARB & other organizations? How can ICOG training centres be used by SAFOG and AOFOG countries?

Let us work with more courage- to make at least one study or paper or data collection mandatory for all Governing council member during their tenure; to call a meeting of all present and past ICOG training centres to know their inputs to make the courses more accessible, affordable, effective, and popular; to try to prepare and publish GCPR along with GOI.

The Indian College confers Honorary Fellowship to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to women’s health and has been supportive to FOGSI.

On this note, I would like to congratulate

Dr. Edward Morris, President, RCOG

Dr Prof. Ochiai Kazunori, President, Asia Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AOFOG), Chairperson, Asian Gynecologic Oncology Group (AGOG)

Dr Alison Wright, Vice President, RCOG

On receiving the prestigious award, Honorary Fellowship of the Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

To each one of 240 new members & fellows, to be conferred with a degree, Congratulations!

Let me conclude by wishing that each one of you will carry back from here some proud and wonderful memories of convocation with new responsibilities to serve the women of India in your best capacity.

Wishing you all happy learning, safe practice and many more achievements to come!

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